How many gold medals did Bjørn Dæhlie really win?

Bjørn Dæhlie won 8 Olympic gold medals, 9 gold medals in World Championships, 46 victories in World Cup races and 6 overall World Cup victories.  

Why did he start to make sports wear in the first place?

In 1996 the selection of cross country ski wear was very limited. He wanted to use his experience to offer high quality ski wear for skiers of all ages. 

Does Bjørn Dæhlie still work with the brand?

He’s a shareholder in Active Brands, the company that owns DÆHLIE. And He’s on the board of DÆHLIE, of course. 

Why did you change the logo and the brand?

We wanted to emphasize that we are continuing Bjørn’s ideas more than his person. Also, the logo is customized to fit on digital platforms as well as signaling a more modern, younger identity.

What else does he do?

He is an entrepreneur, working with, among other things, real estate projects. He has also had a ca-reer as a tv personality together with colleague Vegard Ulvang.

Do DÆHLIE make skis?

No, but our sister brand Åsnes does. Check their website asnes.com for mountain and cross country skis.

How about ski poles?

That we do make. In close collaboration with the national cross country team, we give our athletes the crucial push forward. 

Why do you cooperate with the Norwegian National Cross Country Team?

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. We help each other to reach our goals. We use them as brand heroes and test pilots for our innovative clothing. And in return, we provide them with clothing and help them reach their ambitions.

Can I use DÆHLIE products for other activities than skiing?

Of course. Our winter collection is made for all high intensity winter work out. Whereas our summer collection will work for training in midler weather. Even cross country skiers do most of their training «off snow».