race suit LAHTI

Suit For High Speed Heroes

It is made by and for winners.

The new national race suit is faster, lighter and more comfortable.

The national race suit will give the Norwegian team a competitive advantage at Lahti World Championship.

This year’s championship is held at the ultimate cross country skiing arena, the legendary challenging hills of Lahti. DÆHLIE Sportswear presents a high tech race suit developed in close collaboration with our brand heroes. Hopefully it will not only make them look good. But also help them reach the top of the podium.


The DÆHLIE Lahti Race Suit is the most technically advanced and lightest race suit yet,says lead designer Eeva-Maria Männikkö: «It’s like a second skin layer. Only better and faster.»

DÆHLIE Sportswear have worked with xc skiers for 20 years. There are always details to be improved. This time we have really taken the race suit apart and put it together again. Even taking inspiration from other sports. «We have glanced towards both bicycle racing and other endurance sports, and paired that experience with technological innovations. Together with the Norwegian National Ski Team we have zoomed in on every small detail to reach the ultimate race suit that might give them a little advantage in a tough game,» she says.The DÆHLIE lab have done extensive mapping of the body’s movement pattern during cross country skiing. This has led to improvements in several key areas. Comfort, weight, ventilation and aerodynamics.

Answering the input from the Norwegian top athletes we have customized the suit to be the fastest, lightest and most comfortable yet. Moving seams and adding flexible material at shoulders, elbows, knees and in the back, has improved the overall latitude and comfort. It gives athletes total freedom of movement. There is a new type of curved collar for optimized fit and two shoulder zippers adjusted according to body shape

The new suit has an elastic, light and perforated warp knit with a range of elastic hydrophilic meshes with important ventilation panels in typical hot spots. They let off steam during high intensity. Compression materials give extra and correct muscular support for push movement in thighs and upper body. 

There’s even seconds to be gained by the suit’s innovative aerodynamic technology. Tests in wind tunnels has proven the new «golf ball» patterned material to be the fastest in the speed range from 22 to 75 kph. The rough dimpled surface of the Eschler by Schoeller Dimplex material adds turbulence to the airflow creating as much as 10 percent less drag.


«The fabric is designed to literally slice through the wind in order to shave seconds off the time,» says Männikkö.

DÆHLIE has used the lightest materials possible for a race suit, The Carvico light strech jersey made out of polyester and elastane, and reduced seams and excess material in many areas. We believe it is the lightest race suit on the market, weighing only 230 grams.

It also looks good. The print design emphasizes the Norwegian national colors as well as expressing speed and force. We have used a «vacuum sublimated process» that binds the color molecules to the fabric, leaving the material soft and breathable.


«Our designer, Hilde Hoff Nordskar have done a fantastic job to design the suit to perform at high speed. As well as looking good,» says Männikkö.