When tech meets style

Made for athletes with attitude.

Tested by athletes with attitude.

Our premium RAW collection has been developed in close collaboration with the Norwegian Cross-Country Ski Team. It is fast, functional and oozes of power. RAW collection is built for high ambitions. A result of DÆHLIE’s technical innovation, this line is ultra-functional with unique details and clean, understated designs. Regardless of season, RAW will meet the strict demands of athletes in pursuit of perfection.

The RAW jacket is our top-of-the-line product. Targeting cross-country skiers with attitude. So of course, we chose a test pilot with lots of it.  

“I first felt it was a bit loose, so I asked them to tighten it. But I really like that it is black and threatening like a speeding racecar,” says Petter Northug about the jacket.

He and rest of the national team got to wear prototypes in training camps in the wintry Norwegian mountains. Designers made hundreds of tiny improvements, picked up from observing and listening to the athletes. They’re not visible at first glance. But when you put on a RAW jacket, we are certain that you will feel it. «Together we have created a premium product: An ultra functional jacket with unique details that will meet the most demanding athletes’ needs,» says lead designer Eeva-Maria «Eevis» Männikkö.


A Raw and fitted technical insulation jacket

A Raw and fitted technical insulation jacket made in extremely lightweight and technical shell fabrics, containing high-performance insulation that enhances breathability, warmth and comfort.

Together we have created a premium product: An ultra-functional jacket with unique details that will meet the most demanding athletes’ needs.

Lead designer Eeva-Maria ‘Eevis’ Männikkö


An ultra functional jacket with unique details

The RAW jacket is obviously too warm for Petter to wear during actual racing. Racing skiers, the men especially, would rather wear next to nothing when they do the actual competing.

“But for practice, training and warm-up, this is a perfect outer top,” Eevis says.

There are a lot of small innovations here: The tailored, tight fit, which all elite athletes demand. The soft shell breathing back panel along the spine is essential for those heavy workouts. The click-down zipper does not flip around when racing down a hill, but sticks snugly in place. The built-in reflective strip in the front, just below the wind proof panel across the chest, makes sure you are seen in the dark when needed. But it does not scream too much if you don’t want it to.


Perfect for outdoor running or indoor workout